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George Richmond

Camera Operator - Associate BSC

George Richmond


Agent: Independant Talent - Sue Greenleaves

Agent website:

Agent telephone: +44 20 7636 6565

Agent email:

'Wild Bill'
'1000 Kisses Deep'
'Ghost Machine'
'The Hide'
'Steve' (Short)

'Safe House' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'War Horse' (B Camera/Steadicam)
'Clash of the Titans (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Nine' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Quantum of Solace' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Burn After Reading' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Wanted' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'The Golden Compass' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Cassandra's Dream' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Home of the Brave' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Children of Men' (A Camera)
'Goal!' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Seed of Chucky" (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Alexander' (A Camera/Steadicam)
'Basic Instinct 2' (2nd Unit)
'Men of Honor' (A Camera)
'The Sweetest Thing' (A Camera)
'Legally Blonde' (A Camera)
'Cinderella Story' (A Camera)
'Havana Nights' (A Camera)
'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' (A Camera)
'Dumb and Dumberer' (A Camera) 'Ravenous' (A Camera)
'Something About You' (A Camera)
'Agnes Brown' (A Camera)
'Eragon' (B Camera/Steadicam)
'Keen Eddie' (TV)

Awards: 2008 'The Hide' - Best Cinematography Syracuse Film Festival -- 2008 'The Hide' - Best Cinematography Monaco Charity Film Festival -- 2009 'The Man Who Walks Around The World' Johnnie Walker - Best Camera Operator BTAA Craft Awards

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