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Barry Ackroyd

Director of Photography, BSC

Barry Ackroyd


Agent: Lynda Mamy - UNITED AGENTS

Agent website:

Agent telephone: +44 2032140800

Agent email:

Agent 2: PETE FRANCIOSA at UTA 001 313 2736700

Agent 2 website:

Profile: Contraband
Coriolanus More as the Story Develops The Miraculous Year The Special Relationship Looking for Eric Greenzone Thriller Hurt Locker Battle in Seattle United 93 The Wind that Shakes the Barley Love And Hate The Lost Prince Sweet Sixteen Under the Skin
My Name Is Joe

Awards: European Cinemtagrapher Award 2006.. Golden Frog Duo Award Camerimage. Best Cinematography Valladolid 2002 \"Sweet Sixteen\" Bafta Nomination 2006 UNITED 93.... Bafta Nomination 2003 \"Lost Prince.\"